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We are building Community through the Power of Ecstatic Dance, campfires & nature walks!

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What participants say

Join us for Ecstatic Dance and community!

Ecstatic Dance Brighton offers a transformative journey into movement, rhythm, and self-expression.

Nestled in the vibrant cultural hub of Brighton, our community welcomes dancers of all levels and backgrounds to experience the freedom of uninhibited movement.

Our sessions blend diverse musical genres, from world beats to electronic rhythms, creating an electrifying atmosphere where participants can unleash their inner joy and creativity.

Guided by experienced facilitators, Ecstatic Dance Brighton encourages authentic movement, fostering connections with oneself and others in a safe and supportive environment.

Join us to dance, connect, and celebrate life in the heart of Brighton!

Benefits of ecstatic dance


Expressive Freedom:

Liberate your authentic self without judgment, using movement as a canvas for personal expression.

Stress Relief and Renewal:

Dance away tension and emotional baggage, leaving you feeling lighter, rejuvenated, and in tune with your body.

Community Bonds:

Join a welcoming dance community for genuine connections, conscious interactions, and a sense of unity.

Creative Spark:

Ignite your creativity through rhythmic beats and free movement, carrying this inspiration into your daily life.

“Let go of your stress, and dance into joy! Join our community of dancers”

“The first time I walked into the ecstatic dance space, I must admit I felt a twinge of nervous excitement. The unknown can be a bit intimidating, especially when it involves opening up through movement.

However, any apprehension I had melted away the moment I stepped in.

The warmth and friendliness that greeted me were beyond expectations.

It was like entering a space where judgment ceased to exist, and genuine acceptance took its place.

The welcoming energy from everyone around instantly made me feel at home, allowing me to shed my reservations and dive headfirst into the liberating experience of ecstatic dance.

It’s not just a dance floor; it’s a community that embraces you from the very first beat, turning nerves into a warm sense of belonging.”

Diane Jones

Happy Dancers

“I never considered myself a dancer, but trying ecstatic dance was a game-changer.

The WOW factor is real—I’ve made it a regular part of my life. The stress just melts away on the dance floor, leaving me feeling incredibly relaxed.

Who knew dance could be such a powerful stress-buster?

It’s become my go-to for rejuvenation and a newfound sense of joy.”

Carl Correa

“After years of yoga, I craved more community and joy.

Ecstatic dance became my answer—a simple dance practice that provides exercise, mindfulness, presence, and boundless joy.

The vibrant community and the freedom of movement create a holistic experience that goes beyond physical benefits.

It’s not just a practice; it’s a joyful journey, fulfilling my need for exercise and fostering a sense of unity and celebration.”

Leonie Vega

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Ground Rules


This is an alcohol and drug-free event, meaning that you can’t bring or consume alcohol or drugs, and you should not show up if you are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. 

Failure to comply with this and you will be denied access and unable to return for future events. 

We ask that you turn off your mobile phone and other electronic devices and leave them in your bag. 

No phones are allowed in the space.

We ask that you do not talk to other dancers during the dance.

However, if you wish to speak, you can leave the dance space, and there will be opportunities to talk before and after the dance.

This is a chance to communicate none verbally and be present with yourself.

While on the dance floor, we ask that you do not wear shoes unless you have a medical reason to do so.

You can wear socks or have bare feet.

This is a time to connect with the earth and get grounded.

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